MineBest | CryptoFest2019 – Cape Town, South Africa

MineBest | CryptoFest2019 – Cape Town, South Africa

Dear MineBest Community,

A first of its kind, we would like to publish an official event review of CryptoFest2019 in Cape Town, South Africa.

MineBest was a proud Platinum sponsor of CryptoFest2019, hosted by Blockchain Events ZA. Bringing together industry leaders from across the continent and abroad, MineBest was welcomed with open arms and notable hospitality by the hosts, fellow sponsors, and event attendees.

It was a pleasure to attend the event, have Piotr Tylczynski, MineBest Senior VP Global Business Development, take part in the “Gold VS Crypto” panel discussion, exhibit as a global solution provider in the crypto mining industry, network with everyone in attendance and enjoy ourselves at the official afterparty.

We left the event having gained loads of practical knowledge and information on the place of Africa in crypto industry. Not a big player in the crypto mining industry, primarily due to market of electricity not being globally competitive enough, a solution for the community interested in crypto mining would be professional collocation hosting services, such as that offered by MineBest. There are plenty of opportunities for the African community to exchange Rand for cryptocurrency, like on AltCoinTrader exchange (a fellow sponsor of the event), the presence of global crypto exchange solution providers such as Huobi, and many more companies there constantly developing the industries of cryptocurrency and blockchain, helping to enable the people of their beautiful continent to have access to the economic freedom brought to the world by such blockchain based solutions.

Lacking the crowd size pulled in from Blockchain events in places like Dubai or Hong Kong, sometimes boasting 10,000+ attendees, CryptoFest2019 was a practical example of quality over quantity. Hosts were more so enabled to help make needed connections for their VIPs, guide attendees who may be searching for something specific, stick to the schedule and many other benefits of not having to simply manage such larger crowds.

Food and drinks delivered to your exhibition, as well as offered to guests throughout the day, crypto socks, shirts, bracelets and more given to everyone after being personally greeted while walking in the door, undeniable emphasis was made on welcoming each and every person entering venue – equipped with multiple bars, lounge areas, pools and more all alongside a beautiful waterfront area of Cape Town.

From quick and concise responses and tailored assistance before the event, to continuous smiles and maintaining a great atmosphere from the beginning of the day to the end of the after-party, the Blockchain Events ZA team did not disappoint in any way shape of form in the organization of CryptoFest2019. For that we would like to thank you all of the details that all together made this event truly special, and to add that we look forward to returning to another in the future.

Below is a special video of MineBest at CryptoFest2019 filmed by Edson Films Production. Check it out!

To say the least, CryptoFest2019 was a huge success! Thank you to everyone involved and in attendance, especially Lauren Davidse, Sonya Kuhnel and Nazley Swartz of Bitcoin Events, Nadia Hansen from BUDGET BANNERS, our strategic partners from Mining City, Edson Films Production, and everyone at Shimmy Beach Club!

All the Best,
MineBest Team