MineBest | MinerUpdate 2019 – Chengdu, China

MineBest | MinerUpdate 2019 – Chengdu, China

Dear MineBest Community,

MineBest was recently a Platinum Sponsor of the GLOBAL MINING LEADERS SUMMIT 2019 | POWERED BY MINERUPDATE, also known as MinerSummit 2019.

MinerSummit 2019 was an exclusive cryptocurrency mining conference hosted in Sichuan, China, bringing together the global leaders who are shaping the crypto mining industry.

A mix of VIP Pre-Networking, the MinerSummit 2019 event, events hosted by partners and official sponsors, as well as a VIP mining farm tour (Invite Only), this was hands-down one of the best events in the digital mining industry of the year!

MineBest CEO, Eyal Avramovich, had the opportunity to speak during the panel on “Mining in the East vs West” with moderator Wolfie Zhao (CoinDesk) and fellow panelists Marco Streng (Genesis Mining), Alina Yao (OKEx Pool), Alex Ao (Innosilicon), and Greg Li (Bitfury)! See the video below for the full panel discussion!

After the panel discussion, Eyal was interviewed by numerous forms of media from ODAILY, 8btc, and more! See the full interviews in the photo descriptions below!

Interview: ps://www.odaily.com/post/5141565?fbclid=IwAR3VUgO0ftuTy9DArVSoUg0Tzg2C3c_Dx2cbaZYsL9EXX4K6g0QTLwmQP_k
Interview: https://www.8btc.com/article/495718?from=groupmessage&fbclid=IwAR1e2eK59xrceUAk_atCnG4Wztr7lx4prSlhTBX1USxi1mBmTSeZXhUi0K4

The entire event was truly one of a kind, with top of the line management and organizational efforts by all of those at MinerUpdate. With rumors of next year’s event to be held in Kazakhstan, where MineBest holds numerous technologically advanced mining facilities, the team at MineBest is looking forward to taking part!

Please see the video below for a full event summary!

Thank you tuning in to our MineBest | MinerUpdate 2019 event review! Stay tuned for more!

All the best,

MineBest Team