Introducing the MineBest Smile S1

Introducing the MineBest Smile S1

MineBest is a company which specializes in advanced blockchain technologies. Positioned at the forefront of the technological curve, we felt that the obvious next step for us was to release our first consumer device.

Say hello to the MineBest Smile S1!

It is packed with state-of-the-art features which exceed those of some of the world’s flagship phones.

But perhaps its most innovative element is the second screen on the back. This has two purposes. Firstly, it frees up the front of the phone, with a thin bezel for uninterrupted user experience. Secondly, the three cameras on the back of the phone allow users to take crystal-clear selfies while keeping everything in the frame.

Simple words do not do this phone justice, so let’s try with numbers.

It has a 48 MP main camera with an f/1.7 aperture, a 4,000 mAh battery and 6GB RAM. You’re probably thinking that this feature-packed phone is heavy. But at just 186 grams, you might forget it’s there, right by your side, all day long!

Here at MineBest, we’re extremely proud of what we’ve managed to achieve by releasing this phone exclusively to our clients and trusted partners.

We feel that our experience gained in digital mining has provided us with a lot of knowledge on how to best expand our portfolio.

If we receive positive feedback, we may move forward with another edition with blockchain-based integrations, a cryptocurrency wallet, as well as other solutions.