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MineBest | WDMS – Frankfurt, Germany

    MineBest Team

    MineBest Team

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    7 min read
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    Dear MineBest Community,

    MineBest was recently an official Platinum Sponsor of World Digital Mining Summit 2019 (WDMS) in Frankfurt, Germany!

    Said to be “The Pinnacle of the Digital Mining”, from October 8th to 10th WDMS brought together over 1000 attendees and digital mining industry experts to highlight the latest trends and insights, indulge in networking events and exchange knowledge and know-how on mining cryptocurrencies.

    Hosted by BITMAIN at the Frankfurt Congress Center in a well organized, punctual and professional fashion, with high-tier sponsors and respected speakers from around the globe, the event was nothing less than a huge success!

    Eyal Avramovich, MineBest CEO, presented on “New Trends in Digital Mining”, showcasing the success of MineBest over the past year; growing to over 85 MW at full capacity with multiple locations among Kazakhstan along with over 270 MW under construction including a 100 MW data center in China. Eyal elaborated on how MineBest has attended many events around the world and has established itself as a leader in the industry while developing technologically advanced infrastructure, with highly efficient and mobile mining containers in strategically located areas of the world in order to ensure a stable and profitable mining experience for all involved.

    Comparisons of Hash Rate vs Miners’ Revenue, the “sell pressure” of Bitcoin for miners to use Bitcoin they have mined in order to pay for electricity and utilities, the increased efficiency of miners in production, the spread of mining farms across the world and much more was mentioned in Eyal’s presentation.

    MineBest currently has over 100 employees around the world, with around 60 at the headquarters in Warsaw, Poland, and is still growing. With 15 employees at the event, MineBest displayed a large presence at WDMS.

    Aside from networking and conducting business with fellow digital mining industry leaders, promotion of professional hosting services and presenting to over 1000 attendees, MineBest also brought something more engaging to the event in the form of a ‘HODL Contest’. The “How Long Can You HODL?” contest awarded participants with a MineBest branded Ledger Nano S for being about to “HODL” from a pull-up bar for 90 second, in a unique concept to promote HODLing.

    To top off a successful event, WDMS presented MineBest a “TOP 10 MINING FARMS IN THE WORLD” award, for professional design and excellent construction!

    Please see our video summary of the event below and thanks for tuning in!

    All the best,

    MineBest Team



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