the life changing
opportunity of
Bitcoin mining



  • Technologically advanced infrastructure company

    Specializing in cryptographic computing activities

  • Smart Mining Containers

    Reducing cooling costs

  • Attractive hosting fees

    $0.05 - $0.06 kWh (no hidden fees!)

  • 85 MW at full capacity

    270 MW under construction

  • Insured and secured

    Cyber security & protection against fire, theft, etc.


MineBest’s current facilities


MineBest Introduction

logo Minebest


MineBest today

Map location
  • MineBest City

    Our flagship project
    - bridging the gap between cryptocurrency investment and real-estate
    - creating new value and sustainable farming

  • Hosting

    Taking advantage of our low energy prices, we host third party miners in our low cost facilities
    - enabling our clients to create value even in a bearish market

  • Building farms to order

    Using our MineBest Boxes, experience and expertise, we create farms to order. Efficient, low maintenance and high output products