About Us

MineBest is a technologically advanced infrastructure company specializing in cryptographic computing activities. One of the most dynamically growing companies in the cryptocurrency mining industry, our core business entails building data center facilities tailored for providing professional hosting services of mining equipment.

Established in 2017 by Eyal Avramovich, MineBest CEO, and a group of fellow entrepreneurs engaged in the field of mining and cryptocurrencies, with experience in the construction and maintenance of professional mining farms since 2015.

Our R&D and Sales Center is located in Poland, at the Warsaw West Station building, and provides the world with the most advanced mining solutions in the market with a concentration on designing smart mining farms across the globe.

MineBest has a Representative Office in Israel, 5 representatives across the whole world (USA, China, South Korea, Japan, Kazakhstan), and hosts three cryptocurrency mining farms in Kazakhstan at 20MW (full capacity), 80MW (under construction), 50MW (under construction) with plans for constructing MineBest City – a 200MW facility, as well as a 100MW data center in China (50MW Q4 2019 – full 100MW Q1 2020). We are hosting a continuously increasing amount of thousands of mining machines, primarily AntMiner S9s, running at optimal standards and efficiency.

The objective of MineBest is to provide the private consumer with the option of investing in the best and most advanced mining equipment of its kind in the world, and ensure a secure facility, maintained 24/7 with the highest level of service in the field. Together with our skilled and experienced team, alongside strategic clients & partnerships, we are implementing a new standard for the mining ecosystem and data center infrastructure facilities.

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